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  • Supporting Nepal
    Supporting NepalWe believe our brand can strengthen the fabric of our families, villages and country by giving scholarships and meaningful employment to the people of Nepal.
  • 55% of Sherpa Adventure Gear products are made in Nepal

    * this number reflects the percentage of units made in Nepal in 2017

    • Sherpa Adventure Gear Hat
    • Sherpa Adventure Gear Coat
    • Sherpa Adventure Gear Jumper
    • Sherpa Adventure Gear Shirt
  • Why Nepal?
    Why Nepal?

    Sherpa Adventure Gear was founded in May of 2003 by Tashi Sherpa, as a living memorial to the unsung heroes of Mt. Everest and to provide social and economic support to his home country. In this spirit, we strive to improve the lives of the people of Nepal through steady employment, quality working conditions and educational opportunities for future generations.

  • Why Education?
    Why Education?

    We believe Nepal’s youth are the key to future. While access to education and literacy rates in Nepal improve every year, the number of children who attend and graduate from secondary school (grades 5-12) and beyond are low, especially for young girls.

    • Educating Nepal #1
    • Educating Nepal #2
    Sherpa Adventure Gear

    Adult literacy in Nepal


    Young Adult (15-24) literacy rate male


    Young Adult (15-24) literacy rate female


    Secondary school (grades 6-12) participation male


    Secondary school (grades 6-12) participation female

  • Why Women?
    Why Women?

    While many of the young men leave Nepal to send income home, a majority of women and children remain. We see an opportunity to provide women with flexible opportunities for full time or supplemental income.

    Men are leaving Nepal To Work:


    of Nepal’s GDP comes from abroad



    of the overseas employment permits are given to men

  • Weaving Support
    Weaving SupportMaking products in Nepal means the world to our communities. By bringing meaningful employment and income to so many, we’re able to make a lasting difference in their lives. As we grow, so will our employees.
    Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund
    Sherpa Adventure Gear FundFor every garment Sherpa Adventure Gear sells, a small donation is made to provide scholarships to children who grow up in remote Himalayan villages.
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