A Labour of Love, Handcrafting the Kirtipur

21st December 2018 by Team Sherpa

Kirtipur is an ancient village in Nepal, located close to the Himalayas. The village in is inhabited by Nepalese families where women work in partnership with Sherpa to handcraft garments. Each day, groups of women sit and work together to handloom the Kirtipur sweater inspired by the traditions of Nepalese people. Taking up to 4 days to handloom, each garment is truly unique to the wearer. Every Kirtipur produced has a story and is a labour of love for the ladies employed to create the virtuous sweater.  

The sweater was first designed in 2014 as a handwoven item that the women of Nepal could produce, enabling us to provide skills and jobs to the women in the area. This idea of empowering women is now fundamental to the work we do. We have over 1,000 women employed in Nepal and this represents the future of our brand, to support Nepalese families through employment and scholarships.

Created from 100% lambswool, the outer shell provides superior warmth on cold with evenings and is the perfect addition to your kit list. The lining is crafted from a cosy fleece with modern PrimaLoft® Black Eco insulation. Featuring two fleece lined external pockets and an internal chest pocket, enabling the wearer to keep personal belongings safe. Arm cuffs, a jacquard drawstring, and a prayer wheel gold antique brass zipper complete the sweater’s distinguishing features.
These materials combine ancient wisdom with modern technology to create an extremely warm, stylish sweater fit for any outdoor activity.

Handknitted in Nepal
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