Nima Yangjee Sherpa

Professional high-altitude, long-distance runner

Nima, our youngest gear athlete, is an experienced high-altitude, long-distance marathon racer with well over a dozen major races under her belt, including the Everest Marathon (42 km from Everest Base Camp to Namche), the Annapurna Mandala Trail Race (300 km), and The Ultimate Trail Race (1,000 km from Kathmandu to the Dolpa Himal). She regularly places in the top four with several 1st and 2nd place finishes. For example, she ran 2nd in women’s and 9th overall in the 300 km Solu Khumbu Trail Marathon and won the women’s division and placed 8th overall in the Annapurna Mandala Trail Race.

Living in France since 2011, Nima’s delightful verve and energy have proven to be great assets Sherpa Adventure Gear in Europe. She still runs and trains for her next race every day.

Favourite Sherpa Gear: Imja Jacket and Dorjee Top