Top 5 Treks in Nepal

Important factors to consider when deciding where to take your next trip in Nepal should be popularity of the area, duration of the proposed trek route, trek style and pricing. Take a look at our top five treks in Nepal for trekking destination inspiration. Manaslu Circuit Trek Days: 11-22 Difficulty: Hard The route considered to be one of the best … Continue reading

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Nepal Earthquake Relief

Sherpa Adventure Gear Athlete Heather Geluk was out in Nepal on her expedition to climb Shishapangma when the Earthquake hit. The expedition was cancelled and she stayed onto help at Sherpa Adventure Gear HQ in Kathmandu with the relief efforts you, Heather’s blog about her time is here..  

Club Lecture Series 2014

Sherpa Adventure Gear Club Lecture series 2014 By Mark Richardson Sherpa Athlete Team Manager The Sherpa Adventure Gear Club lecture series for 2014 was a series of lectures organised with BMC affiliated clubs with the main emphasise in raising money and awareness for the BMC clubs and their activities within the club along with Sherpa Adventure Gears Charity the “Paldorje … Continue reading

Children Of Everest

Sherpa Adventure Gear helps fund education of Sherpa children who lost parents in the Mount Everest avalanche on April 18th Donations to Paldorje Education Fund – Children of Everest will be earmarked for childrens’ schooling In response to the loss of 16 Sherpa men to the avalanche on Mount Everest, Sherpa Adventure Gear—through its Paldorje Education Fund—is directing donations to … Continue reading

Sherpa Adventure Gear Global Athlete Trip 2014

Neil Gresham & Kenton Cool have just got back from a gathering of Sherpa Adventure Gear Global Athletes in Nepal. Neil Gresham has put together a short film to give a flavour of the area and people they visited

First Blog..

Hello there, and welcome to Sherpa Adventure Gear UK’s first blog. We aim to keep you up to date on all things Sherpa Adventure Gear related, from our team of sponsored athletes Kenton Cool, Neil Gresham, Heather Geluk, Ed Hamer & Gracie Martin and all their adventures, activities and events they are involved in. To our partnerships and sponsorship of … Continue reading