UK Adventure Guide

Planning which beautiful landscape to discover next is all a part of the fun and where the adventure begins. In this UK adventure guide we’ll also include handy clothing suggestions which are designed for specific climates to help keep you moving. As with any mountain (not considering the typical British weather), the climate can be very unpredictable and the highest … Continue reading

Nepal Earthquake Relief

On 25th April 2015 a powerful earthquake hit Nepal and affected its surrounding areas including China, India and Bangladesh with several aftershocks occurring after the major event. The earthquake also triggered a devastating avalanche at Mount Everest killing at least 19 people. Official figures following the disaster recorded 9,018 deaths and countless casualties. This tragedy destroyed Nepal not only structurally, … Continue reading

Sherpa Adventure Blog – The Matterhorn

On July 14th, 1865, the intrepid and ambitious mountaineer, Edward Whymper, etched his name into the annals of alpine exploration by becoming the first man to scale the treacherous geography of the Matterhorn and experience life atop the summit of the revered ‘Mountain of Mountains’. An icon of the Alps mountain range, the Matterhorn’s distinctive pyramidal top extends to just … Continue reading

A look ahead to ‘Everest’

‘Everest’, a feature film set to be released on September 25th of this year, will look at the harrowing events of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, reflecting on the stark juxtaposition of the commercial aspect of the Earth’s greatest challenge and the harsh realities of of Mount Everest’s unrelentingly savage nature. On the weekend of May 10th and 11th, 1996, … Continue reading

Nepal Earthquake Relief

Sherpa Adventure Gear Athlete Heather Geluk was out in Nepal on her expedition to climb Shishapangma when the Earthquake hit. The expedition was cancelled and she stayed onto help at Sherpa Adventure Gear HQ in Kathmandu with the relief efforts you, Heather’s blog about her time is here..http://peopleyoumeetalongtheway.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/nepal-earthquake-life-and-times-of.html  

Shishapangma & Cho Oyu 2015

Sherpa Adventure Gear athlete Heather Geluk is currently out in Tibet to start her dream trip for 2015. Heather is planning on summiting the giant Himalayan peaks of Shishapangma & Cho Oyu back to back over the next 6 week period. If Heather succeeds with her plan she could be only the second women ever to achieve this extraordinary feat … Continue reading

Club Lecture Series 2014

Sherpa Adventure Gear Club Lecture series 2014 By Mark Richardson Sherpa Athlete Team Manager The Sherpa Adventure Gear Club lecture series for 2014 was a series of lectures organised with BMC affiliated clubs with the main emphasise in raising money and awareness for the BMC clubs and their activities within the club along with Sherpa Adventure Gears Charity the “Paldorje … Continue reading

Children Of Everest

Sherpa Adventure Gear helps fund education of Sherpa children who lost parents in the Mount Everest avalanche on April 18th Donations to Paldorje Education Fund – Children of Everest will be earmarked for childrens’ schooling In response to the loss of 16 Sherpa men to the avalanche on Mount Everest, Sherpa Adventure Gear—through its Paldorje Education Fund—is directing donations to … Continue reading

Sherpa Athlete Ed Hamer latest up date of climbing action around the UK

Ed Hamers latest update

Summer is coming…

Summer is fast approaching bringing with it longer days and warmer weather with potentially more time spent outside doing the things we love. We have a couple of great products which are ideal for use out on the hills or on the trails which give some fantastic comfort and technical performance. First up is the “Endless Knott” & “Hero Tee” … Continue reading