Earthquake Relief Update – Two Years On…

On Saturday, April 25th, 2015 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. Almost 9,000 people were killed and over 220,000 men, women and children were in desperate need of shelter, food and medical attention. The Sherpa Adventure Gear, Paldorje Education Foundation (PEF) – Earthquake Relief Fund was established immediately after the earthquake. We believe that the keys to long term recovery are creating stronger … Continue reading

Become a Sherpa Ambassador…

Ready for the next adventure? We’re looking for someone who is passionate about new adventures and even more passionate talking about them. Our new Brand Ambassador can either be a dedicated mountaineer, outdoor enthusiast or someone who enjoys travelling and adventures.  We want you to tackle each adventure with the right gear so you can take on any challenge this … Continue reading

Sherpa Handknit Sweaters: Made With Love

At Sherpa Adventure we place huge importance on providing Sherpa people with a creative and commercial outlet, not only supporting them but encouraging them in their business endeavours. Our range of handknit sweaters for men and women is the perfect example of this, and the results are utterly impressive with beautifully woven fair isle and Aztec inspired designs, all made … Continue reading

Department Focus: Sherpa Womenswear

At Sherpa Adventure Gear we have an impressive range of womenswear for keen adventurers and outdoor lovers. Create an entire outfit or pick individual pieces to fit with your personal style. We design our clothing with active people in mind, so you’ll find some brilliant fabric technology and designs in our womenswear collection to improve performance, enhance comfort and provide … Continue reading

Getting Fit for Mountain Climbing / Adventuring

Planning a mountain climb or an expedition can feel like a huge task, but it’s one that should definitely start with improving your physical fitness. Remember – there’s no getting off when the going gets tough on the side of a mountain! Being at your fitness peak can make it easier on yourself for the duration of your trip. Whether … Continue reading

The Best Climbing Movies of the 21st Century

Plenty of action, a thrilling sense of danger and added tension are all attributes of what makes a fantastic adventure film. Here are our best picks of the climbing and mountaineering themed films of the 21st century so far. ‘North Face’ (2008) Set in 1936 in Nazi Germany, this is a suspense packed adventure film focusing on two German climbers … Continue reading

UK Adventure Guide

Planning which beautiful landscape to discover next is all a part of the fun and where the adventure begins. In this UK adventure guide we’ll also include handy clothing suggestions which are designed for specific climates to help keep you moving. As with any mountain (not considering the typical British weather), the climate can be very unpredictable and the highest … Continue reading

Nepal Earthquake Relief

On 25th April 2015 a powerful earthquake hit Nepal and affected its surrounding areas including China, India and Bangladesh with several aftershocks occurring after the major event. The earthquake also triggered a devastating avalanche at Mount Everest killing at least 19 people. Official figures following the disaster recorded 9,018 deaths and countless casualties. This tragedy destroyed Nepal not only structurally, … Continue reading

Sherpa Adventure Blog – The Matterhorn

On July 14th, 1865, the intrepid and ambitious mountaineer, Edward Whymper, etched his name into the annals of alpine exploration by becoming the first man to scale the treacherous geography of the Matterhorn and experience life atop the summit of the revered ‘Mountain of Mountains’. An icon of the Alps mountain range, the Matterhorn’s distinctive pyramidal top extends to just … Continue reading

A look ahead to ‘Everest’

‘Everest’, a feature film set to be released on September 25th of this year, will look at the harrowing events of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, reflecting on the stark juxtaposition of the commercial aspect of the Earth’s greatest challenge and the harsh realities of of Mount Everest’s unrelentingly savage nature. On the weekend of May 10th and 11th, 1996, … Continue reading