Become a Sherpa Ambassador…

Ready for the next adventure? We’re looking for someone who is passionate about new adventures and even more passionate talking about them.

Our new Brand Ambassador can either be a dedicated mountaineer, outdoor enthusiast or someone who enjoys travelling and adventures.  We want you to tackle each adventure with the right gear so you can take on any challenge this new year.

In preparation for becoming our new brand ambassador, all you will need to do is become familiar and knowledgeable with the Sherpa Brand and the line of products. As our new brand ambassador, it is essential that you use our gear and wear it as often both outside, around town and on social media platforms such as blogs, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All we ask is for our ambassadors to create 4 organic posts a month for the next 6 months and to share with their friends and family on relevant social media platforms.

We’re crazy about Sherpa and we want you to be too! That’s why, we’re going to give our Brand Ambassador over £1000 worth of gear, from our protective hardshell jackets to reliable hiking pants. We’ve got you covered, quite literally.

We want to know what you think and would love if you could review our products on sherpaadventuregear.co.uk, that way we know what kind of adventure gear is suited to you. As well as feedback, we welcome any ideas you may have for future products.

So if this is your year for challenges, new adventures and change; we want to hear from you…

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