5 Things You Should Know About Cross Country Walking


Top 5 Things You Should Know About


Training is Important
Allow yourself some time to build up your fitness by developing a training routine. Depending on the route you choose, you may experience various terrains, difficult hikes and long periods of walking without any opportunity for a rest. Get walking for at least 30 minutes every day to increase fitness levels and add in a weekly hour walk to improve fitness levels and continue challenging yourself so you’re prepared to the cross country walk ahead.

Plan Your Route
This may sound obvious but by having a well-planned route, getting from A to B will be a lot smoother. Minimal planning can lead to consequences such as not having a place to rest and lack of supplies or clothing, which can impact your enjoyment. Ensure your cross country walking will be a positive experience by giving yourself plenty of time to plan ahead.

Plan Stops
The importance of planning stops, and even rest days, should not be overlooked. Research the route you’re taking to see where other people stopped and if they have any recommendations. Some trails have well spaced shelters along their route, perfect for refueling before carrying on. Look at good camping spots, nearby towns and villages which may be of interest to explore on rest days.

Wear Layers
Layering is a useful habit to get into when ever venturing into the outdoors. Weather can be unpredictable, and temperatures can drop drastically as day turns into night, even in countries with a hotter climate.

At Sherpa Adventure Gear, we have an excellent range of clothing suitable for layering, including baselayers and midlayers. Dryzone fabric technology integrated in certain garments aims for moisture wicking performance; keeping you dry and odour free, whilst also providing high breathability and 50+ SPF UV protection. Our softshells, hardshells and insulation clothing work to offer protection from the wind and rain, whilst also retaining warmth.

We also have a range of accessories for men and women.


The Eve of the Walk
Check your backpack, ensuring that the essentials are all present and correct, including maps, and are easily accessible. Cut your toenails so your footwear are less likely to hurt your feet and make sure you have enough thick socks for the length of your trek. Aim for a relaxed evening with a hearty meal and a good night’s sleep.

Also, don’t forget to leave your itinerary, including any flights or hotel information with family or friends, and let them know when you plan to be back home.

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