Sherpa Handknit Sweaters: Made With Love

Sherpa11At Sherpa Adventure we place huge importance on providing Sherpa people with a creative and commercial outlet, not only supporting them but encouraging them in their business endeavours. Our range of handknit sweaters for men and women is the perfect example of this, and the results are utterly impressive with beautifully woven fair isle and Aztec inspired designs, all made with excellent quality wool for a cosy feel.

In the small village of Kirtipur in Nepal, in the shadow of the Himalayas, teams of women gather daily to knit and assemble these beautiful sweaters. Handknit by the local Sherpa women of Nepal using traditional techniques, our woollen jumpers are perfectly authentic. High quality materials of 100% lambswool make for a long lasting garment that will serve you well season after season, trip after trip. These sweaters really are created with love and care. The PrimaLoft silver core insulation is soft and breathable, working to retain its warmth even when wet. The double-sided plush fleece interior and hood is ultra cosy and extremely soft to the touch. We stock sizes from XS-XL, so you have the option of sizing up to allow room for baselayers.



An ideal addition to a casual outfit, pair your Sherpa sweater with jeans and boots, or over softshell bottoms for extra comfort.
Sherpa12Create a complete outfit with more stunning handknit accessories, including wonderfully vibrant woollen hats and gloves, expertly created by the women of close-knit co-ops in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, right outside of Kathmandu.

A thick knitted sweater is the perfect antidote to a cold night around a campfire or when travelling to your next mountain location.

Beat the chill and get your handknitted Sherpa sweater and accessories today.
If you wish to support the Nepalese people further, purchase our specially designed t-shirt, which all proceeds go towards the Sherpa Adventure Gear Nepal Earthquake Relief fund.





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