Getting Fit for Mountain Climbing / Adventuring

Mountain climbing

Planning a mountain climb or an expedition can feel like a huge task, but it’s one that should definitely start with improving your physical fitness. Remember – there’s no getting off when the going gets tough on the side of a mountain! Being at your fitness peak can make it easier on yourself for the duration of your trip. Whether this is your first mountain climbing experience or if you’re a seasoned climber, have a read of our useful tips for getting fit.

Start Small & Exercise Regularly

Just as crucial as it is not to go on a climb without improving your fitness, it’s also imperative not to throw yourself into a strenuous physical exercise routine two weeks before you’re due to leave. Doing this will result in possible muscle damage or injury, leading to aches and pains which will inevitably hinder your performance and impact your trip. The key is to build your endurance. Starting a fitness regime in good time (recommended 6 weeks before the trip) gives your body a chance to repair and build muscle in a healthy amount of time, so you’ll be ready to tackle those tough terrains with gusto.

To improve stamina, include some cycling, jogging or hiking into your routine. Pick an outdoor route suitable to your fitness level and go for it. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down!

Take a Look at Your Diet

As we all know, healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand when we’re wanting to improve our fitness and lifestyle. Make healthy food choices by including plenty of protein and vegetables in your diet to not only see a difference in your body, but feel the difference too. Eating healthily will improve your energy levels, which is crucial to endure long climbs in various climates. It’s important to drink plenty of water to replace the electrolytes and moisture lost during exercise. These are good habits to get into early and continue during your adventure.

Wear The Best Clothing

It’s also important to wear the correct clothing when exercising, especially when exercising outdoors; clothing made from lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking fabric is the key to comfort. Our range of men’s t-shirts and women’s t-shirts are the ideal apparel to work out in, due to the innovative fabric technology used, which is designed to keep you dry, cool and odour-free. They are also good as a first layer to wear underneath a hardshell. When jogging, cycling or walking outdoors, opt for a long sleeved baselayer which will keep you warm and dry. Wear a hooded jacket on rainy days so you can keep going, no matter the weather.

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