Nepal Earthquake Relief

On 25th April 2015 a powerful earthquake hit Nepal and affected its surrounding areas including China, India and Bangladesh with several aftershocks occurring after the major event. The earthquake also triggered a devastating avalanche at Mount Everest killing at least 19 people. Official figures following the disaster recorded 9,018 deaths and countless casualties. This tragedy destroyed Nepal not only structurally, but in its aftermath has also affected its health care system, tourism, property and rental market, politics and public debt.

At Sherpa Adventure we focused all our efforts on providing immediate relief which meant bringing supplies for people who were left homeless and without food. Between 25th April – 9th May, in our immediate relief efforts, we supplied 459 tarpaulins, 152 tents and 218 blankets, as well as providing emergency medical supplies.




Through our non-profit entity, The Paldorje Education Foundation, we wanted to donate directly to hard-hit households and local families who desperately needed health and medical supplies, cash dispensations for those who were left without shelter and food. We stepped up promotions for raising funds by setting up a crowd funding page (link) and also aimed to gain offline donations. In total, we managed to achieve $153,331 from the crowd funding page and $50,831 in offline donations, a total of $204,162 between 25th April – 5th July.




Our relief plans were constructed in phases with phase one involving the immediate relief of emergency aid, and the second phase focusing on eight key regions badly affected by the earthquake. Small sherpa villages including Thame, Khumbu and Langtang, Bagmati are facing the challenge of rebuilding their community, but with our help they were able to drink safe water and sleep under cover of shelter. We attended to the people of Laprak, Gorkha, one of the hardest hit remote villages, by delivering much-needed relief materials and providing wages to local porters to help carry supplies to the village which was made almost inaccessible due to floods.



What next?

Though the initial relief effort has helped thousands of people by providing them with basic supplies and shelter, there is still a lot to be done. Families hit by the Nepal earthquake still need help and support for their future as the country rebuilds itself.

Sherpa Adventure will continue to raise funds and awareness. We also plan to emphasise the importance on promoting tourism to the Himalayas and the surrounding area in Nepal to help rebuild the local economy. We believe in supporting and re-skilling the local people by empowering them in education and giving them job opportunities to rebuild their workforce and communities.


You can still make a difference by donating at the Sherpa Adventure crowd funding page here.

As our founder Tashi T Sherpa believes – it’s important to not only survive, but also to thrive.


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