Club Lecture Series 2014

Sherpa Adventure Gear Club Lecture series 2014

By Mark Richardson Sherpa Athlete Team Manager

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The Sherpa Adventure Gear Club lecture series for 2014 was a series of lectures organised with BMC affiliated clubs with the main emphasise in raising money and awareness for the BMC clubs and their activities within the club along with Sherpa Adventure Gears Charity the “Paldorje Education Fund” http://www.sherpaadventuregear.co.uk/giving-back-i54

The format was to provide our sponsored athletes Kenton Cool, Neil Gresham & Ed Hamer to each club so they could run a masterclass session for their club members followed by a lecture presentation in the evening for club members and the public. All the clubs had to do was find a venue for the lecture and use a local wall for the masterclass, all we had to do was turn up with some well known athletes and lots of prizes…

There was a great response from all of the BMC clubs, in the end a final 8 were chosen (all the clubs that applied had gone through a selection criteria from the BMC) these were:

  • Northumbria Mountaineering Club
  • Preston Mountaineering Club
  • Aberystwyth Mountaineering club
  • Cave & Crag
  • Oxford University Mountaineering Club
  • Cambridge Climbing & Caving Club
  • Wessex Mountaineering Club
  • Bassetlaw Hill Mountaineering club


So on the 28th October Kenton, Neil Ed & Myself packed into a car along with all the promotional material and set off on a “Road Trip” around all of the clubs to deliver masterclass sessions and lecture evenings at each venue. The format at each of the clubs was to deliver 2 masterclass sessions in the afternoon / early evening with Neil & Ed followed by a double bill of lecture presentations from Neil & Kenton.

At each lecture presentation in the evening most of the clubs raised money by selling drinks, club t-shirts & guide books. Sherpa provided a collection of prizes for each evening and sold raffle tickets to raise money for the Paldorje Education Fund. Neil’s lecture focused on his journey from trad climbing into his passion for DWS (deep water soloing) and his recent ice climbing trip to Nepal earlier this year. Kenton’s lecture featured his fantastic triple crown achievement of the previous year when he successful climbed Nuptse, Everest & Lhotse all in a single push.

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Even Alan Hinkes can’t resist a Sherpa Lecture evening!

For the masterclass sessions all of the clubs linked in with their local walls to provide a venue for the masterclass’s or use their own facilities, some of which proved to be interesting to say the least. Stand out walls on the tour had to be between Aberystwyth university wall (very old DR wall) to the Cave & Crags home made wall in the Scout Hut in Lichfield (proper home made!).


@UKScouting Mr Everest speaking tonight #StChads in Lichfield @teambmc @kentoncool

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Kenton outside the fantastic Cave & Crag HQ

Delivering lecture presentations at each of the clubs meant that we also came across a selection of different venues, from the very swish Maths department at Oxford University, the classical Plant Science department at Cambridge University to the fantastic Scout hut in Lichfield with Cave & Crag.

The masterclass’s were a great success with Neil & Ed, with several different topics and skills being covered at all of the walls with some great Q&A sessions afterwards for people to ask the athletes some great questions on technique and training principles.

By the end of the 2-week period we had driven around 2000 miles across England and Wales, met over 1000 people at lecture evenings and delivered masterclass to 120 people at 7 very different walls. Had 3 quick outdoor hits at Craig y Longridge, and Houghton Graveyard, consumed far to much coffee and eaten way to much motorway food…..It was exhausting!

@Neil_Gresham grabbing a #QuickHit at #Llanymynech on MuscleBound #AutumnLectures

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Neil Gresham climbing Mussel Bound (7a+) at Llanymynech

But what all of the clubs provided in bucket loads was enthusiasm, drive, fun and commitment to their own club and more importantly to get people involved in the outdoors be it rock climbing, walking, mountaineering or mountain biking. It was great to meet so many positive people who were up for promoting their club and the activities they love. It just goes to show how effective a good clubs can be in enthusing people of all ages to get involved in something they have a passion for…. long live the BMC Mountaineering clubs!


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